blouse: Mango, skirt&shoes: Zara, clutch: H&M, watch: Michael Kors

Today Jan and I are actually in London for one day, to enjoy a little trip and some different air. Hopefully I'm safe in my plane right now and have some serious shopping in front of me. The reason I hope is that while I am writing this post it's still Monday and I'm safe in my bed. I planned this outfit post for you and I must say this is my favourite look of the month. I was wearing this cute style for my grandmas big birthday and it was totally great, because it was comfortable (much food had it's room in my stomach and this blouse and skirt) and also fits perfect to a garden party with it's light pastell colours. The shoes are definetly the best part of the whole look. I can't believe how comfortable and at the same time fashionable they are! Also I really like to match every part of an outfit with each other. In this case the golden studs were everywhere: on my skirt, my shoes and my wrist.

So hopefully I'm going to have a great day off today in London and maybe find some new pieces to show you on the MUV. Wish you all also a very nice day! Thank you so much for your comments!

Photos by Jan G.


  1. I absolutely adore it how neutrals look on you! I guess it's the skin tone - your skin is just glowing, gosh how I envy that :) And those sandals are so pretty - it's so hard to actually find such shoes that are extemely comfy and look beautiful as well. Anyways, have a nice time at London! x

    Much love,

  2. I love the entire outfit - especially the blouse. Hope you enjoy your trip to London :D

  3. Awesome latte-colored look, Sally! u are so elegant!

    xoxo Iren