dress: queenswardrobe.com, blazer: my sisters, bag&necklace: H&M, shoes: Zara

The perfect elegant piece and also my favourite basic for summer is a little white dress. You just have to add some sophisticated heels and an edgy blazer or jacket and you have a great outfit. I borrowed this blazer from my sister while I was at home, because I loved the khaki colour and the leather sleeves, especially together with my white dress. Of course I couldn't stop wearing my new favourite heels and it's not difficult because they fit with everything. The nail and lip colour, which is perfect with khaki, white and black, is a pop out red to give the look some extra colour. I wanted this outfit to be feminine, but the white dress doing this on it's own, and also very edgy, which I tried to reach through the leather sleeves and the silver spikes necklace. I know that there is some silver and gold metallics mixed and some people hate that, but I don't mind it. You can actually do everything nowadays!

The time I'm dressing up and wear all of the outfits you see on my blog is mostly the weekend. When I have freetime to spend with Jan and be free of the workaday life. During university I of course also try to wear fashionable outfits, but on some days you just have a lack of time or you just want to stay comfortable. So to university I nearly wear no heels or just not the high ones. There are these days when I am full of energy and power and then I have the desire to wear a special look and I just do it and don't care it's just university. Never the less I mostly wear my blog outfits during the weekend or just add some heels to a look I liked during the week. These are my so called "Fashion Saturdays and Sundays". My very own hobby and passion and of course this is the time when Jan and I do the photos for the MUV.

Photos by Jan G.


  1. You look so elegant with this white dress and the sandals!

  2. Sooo great, dear!!!

    Have a lovely evening,



  3. Great heels! Such a classic, sexy style.

  4. WOW, you looks so stunning!!!!!!!!!! Amazing stylish outfit!!

    xoxo Iren

  5. look gorgeous as usual. love your style


  6. Wow your style is ver amazing and you are a very pretty girl
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