blazer: queenswardrobe.com, crop top: Mango, shorts&belt: H&M, shoes: Zara, lipstick: MAC Vegas Volt

I'm sorry, the last time I wrote to you I was about to go to London and I never messaged that I came back healthy but so tired and exhausted. Thanks for your wishes, London was really great, but one day was simply not enough. Actually we only had five hours in the city and sight seeing plus shopping was too much for that. So next time we definetly are going to spend one or two nights there so you have the calmness to see and enjoy everything. After that I needed to head back to Hamburg and try to manage my last university week. This weekend was all about calm down of all the stress and create new energy. In front of me are six weeks of holidays! I'm so happy to spend the time with my family and Jan and also I'm looking forward to two weeks of relaxing at Fuerteventura (I really need some tan! Call myself Albino lately!).

Back to fashion and todays look: there is nothing more summer like than the colour white. I was wearing a total white look with gold details in London and this one some days before, when the weather was still very sunny in Germany. I simply paired up this white pieces with a leopard print and orange details at the shoes and lips. I know that the shorts and the top are quite less fabric so the best and safe solution to not feel uncomfortable is a blazer on top of it. This one is out of a nice light and soft fabric and I got it from the great online shop Queens Wardrobe. By the way the leopard scarf is intergrated in the blazer and you can not remove it, but I think it's a really nice idea.

Photos by Jan G.


  1. Anonymous7/01/2013

    Absolutely stunning!

  2. gorgeous!


  3. Such a fun, fresh look for Summer - The leopard print & hints of orange are perfect!

  4. beautiful. really love the blazer


  5. White & leo is so beautiful color combination!!
    Stunning look, as always, Sally;)

    xoxo Iren