Actually I bought this pants one year ago and I was wearing it all the time. Now I don't like them that much anymore, but when I found them in my wardrobe, I thought it was time for a little style challenge. Also last year there was a trend I loved so much and I'm still really into it. The colour blocking trend is kind of out of date, but I couldn't resist combining this very orange pants to electric blue pumps. Besides you shouldn't look after trends all the time, but wear what you like and inspires you. The rest should be simple, so I chose a black and white tee and an also very old black boyfriend blazer, which I got when I was 17 and lived in South Africa for a month. It's kind of a shocking but easy outfit. I was not sure if I like it at first sight, but sometimes these outfits are perfect.

Of course I have had a jacket with me and also flat shoes, if I couldn't walk anymore. Believe me every blogger is having these things anywhere left or right to the photo most of the time. When I was new to the blogging scene, I was always asking myself, how are they doing this? Don't they feel cold? Their feet must be hurting like hell if they are walking on monster high heels all day? I need to admit that my feet hurts very fast of a big heel. I'm telling myself all the time the pain is for the passion, but I always give up at some point of time. Big bags are needed for everything you are carrying around with you! That's another problem: you never find anything in there. 

Photos by Jan G.

BLAZER: from South Africa


  1. I love the pants. Last night I found some red pants which I really like but I did not want to buy them because of the color. I am not sure if I am going to wear them.

    I like this outfit of yours. It looks comfortable, chic, and elegant. You are a great inspiration! (:

    1. You really should take the courage and buy them. If you like them why shouldn't you wear them? Try to combine it with basics first to get a feeling for wearing special and eye-catching outfits/pieces. Ask yourself: What could happen if I wear them? You're a pretty girl and you're wearing what you like. You love fashion and should live it!
      Thank you so much for your lovely comments!

    2. Thank you so much, Sally. I sure will. You're so inspiring, modern and beautiful. You're a person that everyone wants to know :)

  2. Amazing outfit and blog! And you're also very pretty. :)


  3. your pants are so cool, wear it more often!!!!
    very stylish outfit;))

    xoxo Iren
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    Living In A Kitten's World