You can't believe how glad I am to write this post right now! As I mentioned on Twitter and Instagram before and also in my last post the last shootings were absolutely not succesful. At the first one last weekend I forgot to load my battery and so I put all my hope into Tuesday when Jan visited me in Hamburg. Unfortunately he only could come after university at 4 pm so the light was allready really bad at this time. For me it's really important that the photos have a nice quality and when the light is dark they get blurred really easily. So in the future Jan and I need to get up really early to make pictures. But I'm allready planning on buying a new lense, which is much better. Of course, you can imagine, I was really angry with the light and my camera this day and had a little panic about what I could post this week. But I did everything I could and Jan promised me to make a special blog-photo-day on Sunday, which we just have had. I'm happy that he supports me and is helping me to make all this in the little time we have together. Must be love!

On Thursday I allready posted a picture of this outfit on Instagram and Twitter to give you a little Preview while waiting for more. I love this combination lately and wear my leather leggins all the time. It's one more of these basic pieces I think every woman needs for her Atumn/Winter wardrobe. Maybe I should make a special post of basics every woman needs? I know nearly everyone in fashion allready did one, but it could be that I have some other guesses. I will keep it in my mind. The coat is from Mango and I bought it very spontanious, because it costs only 40 Euros and I thought it would be good to switch a little bit. I also was wearing this one the whole week and like the straight shape and black and white colour combination. This one is the perfect sexy, sophisticated and fashionable outfit for days you don't know what to wear and feel like being a self-confident and powerful woman today.

 Photos by Jan G.

COAT: Mango


  1. i'm in lov with your coat! such a pretty statement piece :)


    Fashion Fractions

  2. oh i love it! nobody looks good in those shiny leather leggings, but you!!!

  3. I must say that your outfits are getting prettier and prettier. I really love black and white combinations and therefore I can't help myself from loving this one, too. Not that I want to, but wow. How can it be that you can adore every single outfit that someone is choosing? Well, I love everyone of yours.

    Again; you're stunning (:

  4. Anonymous11/05/2012

    i would like it if you made a post about must haves like you suggested.
    How old are you? :b

  5. Stunning!!! This outfit is so fierce!
    -Adrienne. xo


  6. I also hate bad quality photos but my husband came back to home when it's dark so it's so difficult to find time to make good pictures...only on the weekends and only before 3pm((

    But your pictures are really stunning!!!!!!!!! u always look gorgeous!!!!!!

    xoxo Iren
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    Living In A Kitten's World

  7. You look amazing, love your outfit!!

    ~~♥ ♥ ♥~~

  8. Anonymous11/07/2012

    This look is definitely stunning! I love every pieces from this outfit! Your blog is also very nice and you have an amazing style! I'm following you on GFC!

    I hope you will visit my blog!

    Have a nice day!



  9. I want your jacket its goregous...love how you styled the outfit! Your newest follower Gigi xoxx

    Feel free to follow me too...


  10. Amazing outfit ! I love your pants and your coat :)

    Much Love, Virginie


  11. I like your coat a lot. it looks pretty with these pants.

    Camille from http://culturevogue.blogspot.com