Maybe some of you have allready seen them on Instagram, my new lovely checked trousers. I need to say, I'm a huge fan of all types of elegant cigarette pants. I love this classy and cool touch it gives to your look and you feel like a powerful woman wearing them. So try an buy some of these trousers, maybe in strong colours or checked like this ones? They're so easy to style with a blouse or silk shirt or a light pullover. Just have fun and mix them up. On the other hand I don't like wearing Jeans a lot. I only have two pairs and wear them just for university, but not very often. So these pants are a nice alternation to skirts and dresses. This time I styled it more in a elegant official way only with black clothes and shoes, some red lipstick and golden details. First: safe way. Next time I'm planning to style them more casual. I have Brigit Bardot in my mind. A colourful light pullover and a more playful mix, which will fit perfectly to these checked trousers. We'll see!
In case you're asking yourself what is she doing with her hand at these pictures sometimes. Well I'm trying to keep the very little piece of fabric over the zipper shut. They really made it incredible small and if you are moving you can always see the zipper, which is really annoying. I need to put away most of the pictures because you can always see the huge black zipper. But I love these pants so much so I need to accept it. No wild movings with my legs, wearing them!

At the beginning of next week, there is going to be a little surprise. I made my very own first video for the MUV together with Jan. I need to admit it's not perfect, but nevertheless I want to show it to you. I'm planning to do more videos and of course it needs some practise. I'm sure our ability for filming and doing videos will grow with each one.This one is kind of a little commercial for the MUV and I hope you'll like it. Hopefully everything is going to be allright with the uploading. Don't want to promise things which can't come true. But let's stay positive right? Most of the things I'm doing for this blog didn't worked out at the beginning. But I'm always spending time with it and yelling and hitting on my computer and after some time and many attempts it's going to be allright.

Photos by Jan G.

TOP: Koton


  1. Man, I don't even know what to write anymore. You're outfits are always so beautiful. I can't really decribe it, and when I start mentioning my favorite pieces of your outfit I end up mentioning them all. You relly have talent. Good work!

    I'm relly looking forward to the video! :)

  2. Hello there! :) Your make-up looks amazing! Red lips really suit you! :)

  3. Great outfit. Your heels are simple and perfect!!!
    You have a new follower :)

  4. wow!Those pants are stunning and absolutely loving the heels and the jacket!Great combination,love!

  5. You look perfect and so classy!
    Love the red lipstick on you!
    I´m your new follower :)


  6. This look is effrotlessly chic. The cigarette pants are a perfect fit and I love the checkered. I'm a new follower to your blog. Check out my blog and join to see I mix prints:

    www.StyleDeLaCreme.com - You can join via email