So here it is! I'm proud to present you my very first video for the MUV. I always felt so inspired by fragrance advertisements in TV. They have this magical special atmosphere, which touches some part in me. When I started modelling my biggest dream was to act in a fragrance video some day. Of course it's not really easy to get one of these jobs, so it was a very big dream. Aside from I always loved to look at various perfume spots from big brands like Dior or Chloe. A few weeks ago a little flaming in my head started to think of doing something like this for my blog. Not Miss Dior Cherie, fragrance by Christian Dior, anymore, but the MUV, fashionblog by Sally Dierks. I had this idea in my head and the little flame got bigger and bigger. I knew that I wouldn't have the best technology for doing something like this, but I wanted to try it out and just have fun. So two weeks ago I started planning this little project more seriously and shot the video together with Jan at the weekend. I must say it was of course weird at the beginning. We were a little bit unsure with the focus and I seriously was kind of nervous and giggly. Can you imagine? But everyone needs to start one day and I'm sure if we are going to do more videos, we will increase our skills.

I chose this dress and outfit, because I think it represents my style perfectly. It's elegant, feminine and sophisticated, so I wanted to have it for various Titel Shootings for the MUV. You allready have seen it at the MUV titel shooting and I'm going to do the full outfit post in the next days. I'm sure there are more videos going to follow this one. If you start one time you are hooked to do it better and make more creative ideas come true. I'm open for wishes from your side and happy to hear your thoughts on this little teaser!

Unfortunately the video lost a little bit of it's quality when I uploaded it on the MUV, so for better quality watch it at Youtube please. 

Video by Jan G.


  1. oh sally, thats wonderful!! love it! youre beautiful :)))

  2. You look absolutely stunning and I wish I had a body like yours. I love the dress and you seem really passionated about this. Big plus! :)

  3. I like your idea and the passion and work you put into it. I know how much it takes to plan, to shoot and to edit a video, so I hope you're not mad about some constructive criticism. Due to the empty scenery you look a bit lonely in the vid, although the music, the sunshine and your acting suggest happiness, so in the end it was a line of pretty pictures, but I didn't get what you wanted to say with it.
    But definitely compliments on your look! ;)

  4. Hi Sally, I just found your blog because I saw you on Lookbook. I really like your style and am a new fan! Your video and checked trousers look inspired me so much that I spotted them on Socialbliss, which is an online fashion community. You can see it if you click on my name. If you created an account on Socialbliss, it could help promote your awesome blog!