This day was such a nice one in Hamburg. I love the feeling to wake up on a Saturday morning, the whole day full of joy and relaxing in front of you. First step after waking up is choosing the outfit of the day. In this season it's quite difficult and sometimes it kind of destroys your just built look. You need to have warm shoes and jackets, which protects you from cold temperatures and rain. And than you have this elegant look and you can only think of your sandals with high heel and obviously no tights or jackets. So you pick some sandals or pretty high heels and have your flats in your big bag. At this day I also had a thick wool pullover and a fur jacket with me and I was changing all the time, because when the sun comes through the dark clouds it was really nice and still warm. Yes ladies, we have hard challenges to take in fashion! But you know it's fun and we love it.

Another topic: I'm seriously thinking about colouring my hair to red. But an orange red like Bree from Desperate Housewives, you know? Most of my friends think it would fit my skin colour and type. What do you think? I'm really in the mood of a change. Did you recognized I tried to restrain my wild hair? I think it looks a little to polite. Definetly need a change!


SKIRT: Mango
BAG: VJ-Style
SHOES: Vintage


  1. wow - you look beautiful :))

  2. Looks great. You're so beautiful :D

  3. Thank you so much girls :)