Bracelets by H&M

After many outfits posts, I thought it was time for something different. In this special post I show you the new purchases I did in the last time. Of course shopping is one of the most amazing activities for a woman. For me buying clothes, shoes and jewellery is the way I like to spent my money. And it's much better if you earned the money you spent by yourself. Boys, you don't understand that, but Ladys, I know you do!

In the last week there was great weather so I had the chance to shoot some outfit pictures, I will show you soon. Tomorrow I will travel back to my flat in Hamburg. I will miss my family and Jan very much, but fortunately we can visit each other at the weekend. My luck that Hamburg is just one and a half hour away from my parents home town. Well, soon outfit pictures from Hamburg!

 Necklace from H&M and silver sandals from Zara
 Gorgeous blouses: blue one from Zara and rose one from Mango

 Lipstick called "Snob" by M.A.C.
 Boucle skirt by Zara
 Lovely dress by Zara
 Bouquet of roses I got for my Mum to thank her for being the best mother
Nude highheels from Mango
Two necklaces from H&M
Bag from Mango and glasses from Iam


  1. Anonymous7/30/2012

    amazing pieces!love almost everything!amazing transparent bracelet,and dress from zara!Love your blog!

  2. Such cool things! That necklace!