There is amazing weather at the moment. I'm so delighted! I hope you guys have the same nice weather wherever you are. In the North of Germany the sea and water is very important to us. As well I guess all the people love to go to the water when there's nice weather. So did we. Last Sunday Jan and I went to Bremen and enjoyed walks in the sun. Obviously it was the perfect day and ocation to do a little shooting at the Weser. It feels so liberating to wear a pretty dress, gorgeous heels, sunglasses and sense the shafts of sunlight on your skin. Enjoy these days!

This dress is quite special to me. I longed for it for some time, but I was always hanging it back to the coloumn at Zara. But a month ago finally the big summer sale started and I was sitting at university always sneaking at my phone looking in the Zara online shop. My friends and I shared looks all the time and you could feel the nervous atmosphere. I have to say I'm studying at a fashion school so the half of the course just wanted to stand up and rush to Zara. Right now it listens quite funny and I'm shaking my head over myself but back then it was really serious. Everyone just had the hope to get their fingers on the pieces they want. Oh my god what a drama! Do you experienced this situation? Finally I got my dress and I think it's so me. This elegant boucle yarn and the studs, which adds originality, and the colour is just perfect. Happy!

HEELS: Mango
BAG: Mango

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