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coat: Vintage, pullover: Mango, shoes: Zara, pants: Mango, bag: DKNY

It's some time ago that we shot this pictures, actually it was even before Christmas, but that doesn't affect that I really like this look. It's a winter outfit which holds you very warm due to the wool pullover and thick fake fur coat, but on the other hand it's still chic and elegant. Most of the time I'm totally in the mood for wearing chic and elegant looks, which are often quiet cold during winter time, and even wear them to university if I like to. I'm a morning person so I don't have a problem to be active in the morning and styling is just so much fun.

But there are these days where you wake up and just feel cold and look outside and even feel colder (especially Monday mornings) so you just want to kuddle up in a giant fur coat and thick wool. Just add cigarette pants and boots or maybe flat oxfords and you're still feeling good looking. Some maybe think superficial but I think you feel better if you wear something which you like and in which you feel selfconfident, than just pull over a sweater and jeans on lazy mornings. In the end of course your mood counts, but clothes affects your psychic state so much so it's just a better start in the day :)

Photos by Jan G.


  1. So pretty!


  2. So chic!!! This look is fantastic and the coat amazing!!!

  3. beautiful!