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shirt: Choies, skirt: Choies, bag: See by Chloe, shoes: Zara, earrings: Hallhuber, watch: Michael Kors, coat: Hallhuber

Even if it's after the holiday season, I'm still in the mood for festive looks. So when this skirt and shirt were brought to me by Choies last week, I was at first thinking what a pity that I couldn't have worn it on Christmas. The skirt was so BIG and festive and beautiful. It even already is having a name: my best friend and me lovingly call it the "monster". But fashion lover Sally thought, don't care, to wear this beauty I don't need an event. So I was wearing it on a free day spent together with my boy in Hamburg.

An outfit like this of course needed a special background, so the "Speicherstadt" was the right place to be and shoot. Hamburg is having so many different areas, which are all beautiful in themselves. So when you wander a little bit more from the Speicherstadt, which is with this old and charming architecture, you are in the "Hafencity", which is totally modern with glass and high buildings. When you go through Hamburg you always feel like you are in a new city. I really would recommend you to visit Hamburg when you're in Germany, because I think it's our most beautiful city.

Back to the outfit: I took only black and white colours together with my monster skirt, to not overwhelm it with colours. The Germans like compatible matching sensful looks and colours I would claim. But of course there are always exceptions. And an elegant red lip shouldn't be missing. Also you can see my beloved Christmas present from my parents, which is a classic and elegant See by Chloe bag.

Photos by Jan G.


  1. Oh, Sally!! That skirt is awesome and you look wonderful in it!! <3

    xoxo Iren

  2. great post.