dress: sheinside.com , bag: Mango , shoes: Zara (similar) , bracelet: H&M

Hello lovelies, I know it's quiet some time ago! But instead of talking about excuses everyone is knowing exactly (university, private life, lack of energy) I want to talk about positive things. Of course your normal life is really important and sometimes it just comes first and the time and energy to push your own projects is just not there. But I can't stand a life like this for very long. I just need my own creative place where I can just do what I love, so I missed the regulary blogging time very much.

After the long absence, which also included an amazing work trip to the Seychelle islands, I couldn't just start again. I needed a reopening with everything new in the layout and design before I could write a new post. I was testing a lot in the last year concerning the design of my blog but never really was satisfied. As a perfectionist I can't really develop my whole creativity if I'm not persuaded about something, means layout not perfect - creativity for outfit posts not fully present. Most of the time I have my best ideas for university projects in the middle of the night when I wake up and it's just there, so I have to write it down to not forget it until it's morning. This time I had this picture of the amazing fall/winter 13/14 trend red tartan together with electric blue colour and black and white. I thought why not transfer this great fashion trend to my blog layout and finally created what you see now. I took these elements and combined a minimalistic layout with it.

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My first look is still from days where it was quiet nice and sunny and an absolutely feminine style. The beautiful white pleated dress with the detailed collar is from the online shop Sheinside. To just let it's beauty stand out I took elegant black pumps and a light blue bag and let the sun shine on me.

Prepare for a lot of Autumn looks on the MUV soon and thank you so much for reading and commenting :) !

Photos by Jan G.


  1. I'm so so so happy you are back, your posts were the exact thing that was missing from my blogroll xo It's understandable that we all have those moments where we want to concentrate on the personal life but I'm glad you're back and being more beautiful than ever! <3



  2. so pure!


  3. Very stylish design and you look great too!!!!!

    xoxo Iren

  4. Lovely outfit! So naive!



  5. Such a sweet look - Love that dress! <3