First of all thank you very much for your kind comments to my prepared posts, while I was in Fuerteventura. Yes, I'm finally back from my time off! That were great two weeks without any internet connection and messages to read and answer. Just me, the beach, good books and the sun. I also got the tan I needed so much, but you can see that in my next outfit post. First of all I wanted to show you the result of the colour it up shooting with the talented photographer Janina Alff, I already told you about. Still pale skin, but amazing colours and especially the hair and make up was so creative. I totally love the concept of this pictures for this summer with strong colours and funny accessoires. I'm especiallys fallen in love with this glasses and think I might need them (since I also sit down at my favourite pair of sun glasses yesterday and they broke).

Right now I'm spending my last days of vacation at my family's house and with Jan, until I need to return to Hamburg and hard life and hard work. The end of summer holiday is always the end of a great time and some special experiences. And the end of summer kind of. I'm already thinking about Autumn fashion and looking through all of the amazing new collections. Time runs so fast, so don't forget to take your little time-offs to be fit for what ever comes next.


  1. That's so stylish!!!!!!!
    perfect for every fashion magazine!!!

    xoxo Iren

  2. I literally sat hear, my mouth opened and eyes big because this is SO FREAKIN AWESOME! Every single picture is SO different, SO cool, SO edgy and you look SO DIFFERENT. I have only extraordinary words to say about this shooting, you are a perfect model! AMAZING ! :)

    keep on with the amazing job, dear!



  3. Amazing colors!
    You've become one of my favorites (:
    Keep it up.