Changed to cute and comfy kitty flats for Sightseeing

blouse&shorts&heels&bag: Zara, flats: Chicwish, glasses: Six, necklace: Mango, bracelet: H&M, watch: Michael Kors

Since Jan and I was having holidays at the same time, which is not that often, we decided Thursday night to book one night in Berlin and do a spontaneous road trip. Both of us are studying in different cities with different holidays and due to that it was really special for us to have this two days for us. There is seriously nothing better than discovering a new city. Yes you heard right, it was my first time in Berlin at the age of 20 and as a German girl. Shame on me! And I loved Berlin! It's such a special free vibe in the city and the people are so nice. So many cultures that you even felt like your not in Germany anymore, which was great.

For our first day I wanted to look great but also feel comfortable. I wanted to pair my Zara leather shorts and this Paisley blouse from last summer for a while so Berlin was a good occasion. For the Sightseeing part of the day I quickly changed to my kitty flats from Chicwish, were you can walk in for hours. I know my bag looks very full, but, believe it or not, I was carrying around my shoes, a bottle, sunglasses and all of this stuff you always need in your handbag all day. Seems like blue is my favourite colour of the moment. On Wednesday there is going to be my outfit of the second day in Berlin with a gorgeous light blue dress.

Photos by Jan G.


  1. Anonymous7/17/2013

    This looks so lovely! I adore the mix of the cool, simple leather shorts and the silky print blouse, absolutely great!:) I think I even would have loved it more with a gold accent on the waistline, e.g. a gold chain belt(but that's because I'm really a belt freak, haha:D)
    awesome fashion blog! Enjoy the rest of your days in Berlin!:)

  2. This is one of my favourite looks of you, love everything, you look gorgeous! And I also think that your blog is so underrated, it's so beautiful and rich! Keep up xx :)