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1 Linnen Blazer: Zara, 2 Jacquard top: Zara, 3 Black sandals: Steve Madden via Heels.com, 4 Cat Face Flats: Chicwish, 5 Gold bangle: Marc by Marc Jacobs via Shopbop, 6 Skirt: Zara, 7 Crop top: Zara, 8 Flat sandals with studs: Zara, 9 Transparent box bag: Choies, 10 Dress with chessboard print: Zara 

11 Striped shorts: Mango, 12 A-line skirt: Zara, 13 Sunglasses: Asos, 14 Necklace: Bop Bijoux via Shopbop, 15 Small shoulder bag: Mango, 16 Silver metallic pumps: Guess via heels.com, 17 Loose pants: Zara, 18 Jacket with print: Mango, 19 Flat sandals: Zara, 20 Transparent blue box bag: Choies

The reason I'm launching a new category called "Wished-For" is that I just can't stop looking at online shops at the moment and found many amazing things. The pity is that as a student who is living alone and can't work next to university, because there is not enough time, I have not that much money to spent everywhere I want. I thought it would be great to show you this clothes, shoes and accessoires, so you can be inspired to buy something I really love. The most pieces are from my alltime favourite shop Zara, where you can always find something great. But there are also some treasures from websites like Choies, heels.com or Chicwish, which are maybe not that common.

I would love to order every single piece, but if I need to pick my absolutely favourites it would be number 3, 4, 6, 8, 9. Actually I allready bought the studded sandals (8) last week and also ordered the kitty flats (4), which are by the way a great cheaper alternative to the original Charlotte Olympia ones. Sometimes it's kind of hard to choose the "right" piece if you only have a limited budget. Before buying I always check in my virtual head checklist, if I can wear it very much, if I can style many various looks with it and if I really love it and it makes my heart beet faster. This is crazy and sometimes I think about it way too long, so it's not available anymore. Fashion Freak!

By the way you can also check out my current shopping favourites at my fashiolista profile!


  1. desperately want the green top from zara i am in love with it since I first saw it on Angelica Blick :)


  2. I love 3, 9, 12 and 19 :) very stylish, pretty!!Thanks for the ideas. xoxo