boyfriend blazer: Shop in South Africa, shorts & bag: Zara, tee: H&M, shoes: Mango, glasses: six

In the last years I always loved two kind of styles. First the very feminine elegant style and second the kind of glam-rock-chic style. Actually I like the first one more, but wear the second one much more. It's kind of easier to wear it through the week and for university. For me to the glam-rock style belongs leather, black and also studs. Today it' one of these outfits I would put in my second look push loading drawer.

It's kind of frustrating that my time only allows me to show you pieces I own for such a long time months later. These Zara shorts, you maybe all know in the meantime, was mine when it just came to the shops. I love it's high waist and wide shape and you can combine them to nearly everything. I'm allready planning on style them in a more feminine and elegant way to show them to you on the MUV.

The tee all of you must know out of the "the new icons" collection by H&M. I would like to stand out that I'm not thinking of me as an icon at all (before such comments will come). But I really wanted to have a simple white tee with a nice black lettering on it. It's so easy to wear and it's also one of these pieces you can wear to everything.

After looking at the photos of these outfit, I would have rather picked some cool black high heel sandals, but during the day these ones were much more comfortable. It's like that sometimes: you have a look in your head, and actually I'm most of the time in such a rush that I sometimes don't check my whole mirrow image, and when you then see the whole look on your body something is wrong. But it's not that it wouldn't fit at all with these nude shoes, so I felt good wearing these outfit. Aren't these sunglasses amazing? I can't stop wearing them in the last weeks. Also a piece I would put in my second look category. Maybe it would be a challenge to style them as a first feminine elegant category piece...  

Photos by Jan G.


  1. Great look and text. Wearing that outfit You can call yourself the 'icon' of style.


  2. love everything about this


  3. Love the graphic too - Too cute!

  4. What a wonderful outfit, love your shorts!



  5. lovely, awesome shorts!


  6. you make it work.

  7. Mintalist7/21/2013

    'I'm not thinking of me as an icon at all'

    Modesty like that is something to respect, seeing how you look exactly like a style icon across your whole blog!