Today I have a very different post for you compared to the others. I had this idea for a post at home in black and white or sepia shades with this sensual atmosphere a while ago. Now Jan and I found the time and I got the perfect dress for this occasion thanks to the online shop inlovewithfashion.com. On this day the sun was shining through the window of my little living room/kitchen and made this interesting light and feeling on the photos. I'm quite happy how the pictures turned out, because I haven't thought that we can shoot this pictures in such an easy environment and didn't know if they would be as if I had them in my fantasy. The story should be a glamorous filmstar of the old times, waiting in her appartement to be picked up by her date. But in a modern way. Oh, sometimes it's so hard to put your creative thoughts into words. Imagine me trying to explain Jan (absolutely uncreative football player) what I wanted from him and what I wanted to deliver with the photos. I can say it was a hard task! Never the less something turned out during this day and I like it. What do you think of this different type of an outfit post? 

Photos by Jan G.

LIPSTICK: M.A.C. Vegas Volt


  1. beautiful, you look like a real diva lady ♥♥
    kisses from


  2. Such beautiful photos. The dress is amazing and fits you perfectly! :)

  3. Woow, really chic look and the pictures are fantastic! xx