My dear readers it's finally done. I'm in my new flat now and have eventually time for photos and the MUV again. After some really hard moving days Jan and I found time on Sunday to make some pictures. Of course it started to rain right after taking the camera out of it's bag but for luck you can't see it on the photos. I would love to be a full time blogger, but all of you now that it is important to have a good education and completed university first. And of course there are always any private things, which needs time, like for example a house move or a partner who lives in a different city. Jan is always saying under the conditions I am doing this blog, I'm quite good and I should be proud of it. It's such a good feeling to concentrate on the blog again!

You can imagine the moving of a fashion lover, where most of the cartons where full of clothes. In between I phoned my Mum a little bit desperate that I really need more packaging. But now I have a whole wall just for my clothes in my bedroom, which is amazing. It's really nice to be here, but of course it's a little bit strange to be in a kind of foreign flat and I don't feel home right now. But I'm sure it's not going to take long and I will.

Are you also waiting for Christmas and mostly for the vacation so much? I can't wait to finally spent time with my family and Jan and wear pretty festive dresses! This one is also really one of my taste. A very dark blue velvet dress and this amazing new leopard belt. I think it's a leopard? Hopefully I am not calling it a leopard and it's a different animal!

Photos by Jan G.



  1. awesome dress with perfect belt honey!! kisses from


  2. I agree with Jan; You're doing a great job on your job and you got a great reason to be proud. I couldn't create that many post, doing well in school and still have time for my friends and family so I'm impressed that you can. I'm also glad about it because it means you're blogging :)

    On these pictures you look stunning as always. Marry christmas! :D

  3. Pretty girl, go on ;) xx

  4. Amazing look. I love it. Haha the print matches the leopard on the belt, cute : )


  5. What a gorgeous dress!!!!!!!!
    And your photos are stunning, as always;)))

    xoxo Iren
    Living In A Kitten's World

  6. Anonymous12/18/2012

    Wow the dress is awsome. But I can´t find it on the website. When did you buy it?