Everyone needs his own personal self fulfillment and I picked mine with fashion. It's more than addictive and such an overwhelming feeling to hold new pieces in your hands and to consider about future combinations. Every woman knows this feeling but you can't really describe it. What is it that is so magnetic and pleasuring about fashion? It's not only clothes and shoes, it's some kind of art and expression and of course a business. In two years I'm going to be part of this fascinating world and profession. It's the best thing you can do for your life to make your passion to your job and I am really enjoying my studies of fashion management.

Some of you might say the red tones of the dress and the hat don't fit together, but I'm persuaded that sometimes even the looks, which don't fit together on first sight, are much more interesting and special at the end. Of course there are quite more attractive and overwhelming examples, but for the everyday life this is a look in which I felt very good. It's not to much and not to less and the lace details of the cute dress are lovely. 

I'm looking way to sweet on some of this pictures. Some people even allready said to me I'm having a baby face. Actually I need to admit that I hate it to be called sweet and cute and young looking. It's something positive and most of the women would be happy about a comliment like that but you know that feeling if you hear something a thousand times and don't want to hear it anymore? You are also fast put down on this aspect and since I think I'm much more adult as many in the middle twenties, it got negative to me to be sweet. I know, someday I will be thankful.

Photos by Jan G.

DRESS: inlovewithfashion.com
COAT: Hallhuber


  1. wow, this is so nice and sweet honey:)


  2. I love how you describe fashion and why you love it! I feel the same way. I think the shades of red go great together, especially with your tan coat. Its a great way to pull it all together!


  3. Your look stunning! I love this look on you!
    -Adrienne. xo


  4. I really love your dress and blazer. I think you have such a lovely face and I can't describe, how beautiful you are. People have also always told me, I have cute cheeks so I know, what you mean.

  5. I really love your dress and blazer. I love the way you are putting items together which you at the first sight might not think would do well together. Your looks are always so stunning!

    About your face: I do also think you have such a beautiful face. I wish mine looked like yours. People are also always telling me I have cute cheeks so I know, what you mean :)

    - Cecilie (my name has changed for some reason)

  6. Again; Thank you so much for the dress. Just received it today and it is so beautiful - beautiful like the dress you're wearing. I just had to say it again :)

  7. I like the hat and the coat a lot. Die Pässen gut zusammen ;)

  8. Anonymous2/23/2013

    I really know how you feel cause I have this same problem. I have a young girl face, but now I'm feeling good with it. I'm looking younger that my friends who have year less than my :)