Last week I allready announced on my Twitter account, that Jan and I shot some special photos for you. Actually it's about my lipstick trends, featuring my five favourite lipsticks at the moment. We did the photos in the Garden of my parents house and it fits so well because they're perfect for summer. It's weird, but I feel so much more selfconfident and ladylike when I wear lipstick. Maybe it's because I have a very young face and so many people always come to me and say that I look so much younger than 19. Most of the women are really pleased if someone is saying this to them, but if you hear that all the time and just want to be taken serious and as an adult person, it's really annoying.

I must say that the lipsticks from M.A.C. are just the best. They are beamless and not so shiny and I love that it's such a full colour on your lips. My collection really need to grow! As well I like the Dior Addict lipstick, especially for summer. Actually I allready bought this colour the second time and it's gorgeous. The other two lipsticks are from cheaper brands but never the less beautiful. What do you think of Lipsticks? What are your must haves for this season?

M.A.C. "Snob" 

Artdeco "498"

Dior Addict "465"

M.A.C. "Vegas Volt"

Maybelline "Passion red 535"

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