There are three things, which makes me feel more selfconfident and ladylike: lipstick, highheels and also very important hats. I know that this is actually an Autumn hat, but I felt that day that it's the right time to wear it and that it fits quite perfect to the outfit. You're not a real fashionista if you're not breaking trends. Also I think all of the bloggers are already in Autumn yet. We're just having real summer and all we can think of is the upcoming Autumn fashion. What are going to be the best investions and so on. My plan for the Autumn and winter season is to wear more color than only black. I have three favourite shades: bordeaux red, emerald green and electric blue. Hope my wishes are going to come true.

Back to the outfit. I can't stop wearing my Zara heels. They're just so comfort and stylish and they fit to nearly everything. Nothing is more perfect than a comfortable and stylish outfit. Because of that I picked a light mint blue summer pullover (omg how many adjectives) and some beautiful pearled shorts from a previous H&M collection. Ready for a day in a park, sitting in the sun and reading the actual Vogue. Wait the hat! And the lipstick! How could I forget that? Lady on a mission not complete. But it was. "Autumn" hat on my head and Dior Addict on my lips and I felt enough ladylike. Yes, you need to play in life, it makes it so much more beautiful!

RINGS: Vintage
LIPSTICK: Dior Addict


  1. Omg beautiful!!!:)
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