It was always such a big dream of me to start my own fashion blog. Not only because I obviously love fashion, but as well it compares all of my passions. Fashion, photography, modelling, writing and the blogosphere itself. You can even say I'm addicted to blogs. It's the perfect solution, if you're a young fashion interested woman, coming from a little town, to share your passion. Every girl knows that it's not easy to dress up on the county, without the people talking about you. But I think it was good that I grew up there, because it teached me not to listen to other people's opinions. Just do/wear what you like and live your dreams.
In the meantime I moved to Hamburg, where I'm trying to make my passion to my job. Well, trying or maybe is not a good word. Better say I will!
At the moment I'm back at my parents house, having holidays from university and work. Perfect time to start my fashion blog journey. My boyfriend Jan always reassure me with my dreams and, of course, is the great photographer of my outfit pictures. Whoever else?

So the posts name is little white dress. Especially because, as you might know, the little white dress is the new little black dress. Nothing against Coco Chanel's little black dress, which will always be the iconic basic thing everybody needs to have in his closet. Moment, I don't even know if I have the perfect one? In fact this season the little white dress is the all star. I combined it to wonderful black and orange sandals from Zara and a peach shawl. The sunglasses are my summer find. I love the nude shade and the cat eye fifties style! As you can see it was really windy that day, so excuse my wild wild hair. I tried everything to controll them.

SHAWL: Vero Moda

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  1. Like it so much! ♥