photo a_zps66d0caa3.jpg
 photo b_zps024b5331.jpg  photo c_zps27acb8f1.jpg  photo d_zps63a3e3ba.jpg  photo e_zps787dba66.jpg  photo f_zps628ccab1.jpg  photo g_zpscb6958f0.jpg  photo h_zps978de39f.jpg  photo i_zps42d366dd.jpg  photo j_zps3636ee7a.jpg  photo k_zpsced55441.jpg  photo l_zps09cbd5cd.jpg  photo m_zpsd06750aa.jpg  photo n_zps4ec9392f.jpg coat: Hallhuber (similar), leather pants: Zara, pumps: Zara (similar), pullover: Hallhuber, plaid shirt: Zara, belt: Mango, hat: Hallhuber, rings: H&M + Vintage

This is by far my favourite coat ever! I'm am not exaggerate when I say I wear it nearly every day. This is a perfect example of the basic coat which fits everything, every woman needs to have in her closet. What I like about this one, that it's a great quality and cut and the colour is camel, which is much nicer and lighter as the normal black coat everyone's wearing. So take a camel coat as an alternative to the usual black one and it will still fit with everything. Unfortunately I also have this coat from last winter season from Hallhuber, but I'm sure you will find a great one anywhere else.

Actually this coat normally have a belt in the same material to wrap around, but I wanted to try something different and picked a normal waist belt in black with gold details to ty the coat. With it I was wearing my favourite leather pants, which is also a must basic for the cold season and some elegant black pumps. So this outfit is kind of out of various important basics. To spice it up a little bit I have worn the plaid shirt underneath and let it peek out for an interesting red detail.  

P.S. In this pictures I am still with my old hair cut, but if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my new on. See you soon for new outfits with new hair :)

Photos by Jan G.


  1. Camel coat is a must have for every girl!! and yours look awesome, Sally!!

    xoxo Iren

  2. That''s true, this coat is really beautiful! It looks definitely so elegant on you!

    LG ;)

  3. Oh my, that coat is such an essential! but what I actually loved was the pairing with ankle-length leather pants and timeless pumps .. kind a reminds me of Audrey Hepburn! And gosh your new hair is super, can't wait for some looks with it! :)



  4. Amazing coat! X


  5. Beautiful coat and the ndlr match perfectly.i have à single problem...here are -2 C so i coule not wear pumps with no tights xd...actually boots would be more suitable for this weather ..my weather xd

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  6. Great post!