photo a_zpsfe3b1a3c.jpg
 photo b_zps8cd9d3b5.jpg  photo c_zps8c56c97f.jpg  photo d_zps28a97412.jpg  photo h_zps7ffc6c7f.jpg  photo i_zps57a9edfa.jpg  photo k_zpsbfe6e993.jpg  photo l_zpsf4edda36.jpg  photo m_zpsf9874d6f.jpg  photo n_zps72dc7e25.jpg blazer: H&M (similar), blouse: Mango (similar), pants: Zara, shoes: Zara, bag: Mango, rings: Vintage

These outfit pictures where made quite some time ago I think right before my trip to the Seychelle islands. Rigth now, while I'm writing this post, I'm hearing the song we were dancing to every day on the paradies beach and I wish me back. But this paradies island memories will stay in your head and heart forever and helps you to come through the cold months. Even if you wish much more to return in this case!

Actually it was allready to cold for bare legs and arms at that time in Germany, so I think this outfit will not be to much out of place in November. Through the white blazer and blouse it's kind of classic, but with the wide leg "pyjama" pants it isn't anymore. I loved wearing this pants throughout summer because of the wide cut and loose feeling on your skin. So when I wanted to store them with all the other summer clothes, I suddenly stopped and left them on my racks to maybe combine them in another way for a more winter appropriate look. I allready have one in my mind so maybe you will see them earlier as I was thinking before.

Also I was wearing nearly no make up that day, which was maybe not the best idea wearing white all over the upper part of my body. This and the very clear light was making me very pale that day so next time I rather try a little more colour with very light looks. But this is how it is, you always learn more about complimenting your body and look while doing not the exact right thing. Try and learn ;)

Photos by Jan G.


  1. Beautiful pants. Great photos.
    Have a nice day :)


  2. Beautiful outfit!



  3. Anonymous11/08/2013

    Wow you look so gorgeous! Great pants :-)
    I love your blog


  4. it's not easy to look great in that type of trousers, but you nailed it!

  5. You look great!!! Gorgeous! ;)
    Thanks for visiting my blog


  6. Wow die Hose ist klasse!