dress: Topshop, heels: Zara, purse used as clutch: Mango, glasses: H&M

I always wanted to own a printed bodycon midi dress since I saw them on Jessica Stein of Tuula. She was looking gorgeous in them mostly because she is very tall and so I ordered these dress on Topshop to see how it's going to look on me. My conclusion is that the photos went quite nice and I'm not to short for it, but you really have to have a very skinny body for dresses like this. What you don't see is that I needed to pull my belly in and tense my whole body when I was wearing it what was not that comfortable. So it's not a dress for a relaxing day, because you always feel like you can see everything. Also exactly this dress was maybe one size to small and a little transparent, so I think I will try it again but with another dress. But I liked the print of it so much especially with a touch of coral lipstick and these brown shades.

At the moment I'm still on Fuerteventura. Have a nice summer and thank you so much for your comments!

Photos by Jan G:

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  1. I agree, this kind of a dress really needs the perfect figure but you absolutely have it! This particular one has such great pattern that noone would even notice a tiny belly :) Btw, you reminded me the perfect Chanel-girl, it's just stunning look!