cropped top: Mango, skirt: H&M-Trend, shoes&bag: Zara

Today I'm showing you an outfit of a trend I really love at first sight. The cropped top trend is absolutely lovely as long as you combine this tops with high waisted skirts or pants which goes about the belly button. So you can only see a small stripe of skin, which is quite subtle and sexy but not too much shown. While Jan and I were walking through the streets I also was wearing a blazer over it, because it was still to cold to just walk like this and also actually the guys were looking at you very much. I couldn't believe it because my boyfriend walked exactly next to me and I think it really is a very bit skin shown. I think it was like this, because it's quite an unusual part of the body to show skin and that's also why I fell absolutely in love with it. The perfect piece to combine with this white top (actually you can wear it with so many types of clothes) was the really slim fitted skirt with this gorgeous blue and white pattern. And to have much more blue in this look the electric blue bag was with me. I can already imagine so much more combinations with all of this lovely pieces, especially when hot summer is going to arrive!

Thank you so much for your lovely comments!

Photos by Jan G.


  1. What really popped in my head were words "rafined sexyness" - that's what your outfit was! Hehe and other thing - it reminded me of my country's flag: Blue-black-white :) I love this outfit and it suits your body type so so well! I'd probably look like a huge sausage or something .. :D


  2. great skirt !! love the print :)


  3. This is such a gorgeous look, I love the skirt you're wearing paired with that bag. That bit of skin showing does make the outfit appear sexier, I would never be able to pull this off!


  4. You look fabulous - Love the skirt + the simple but fun & chic crop top. I just bought my first crop top and I'm still working up the courage to wear it - Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  5. Love this outfit!! I'm so into the crop top with long skirt trend!!

    xoxo, Diana ☠

  6. Anonymous4/25/2013

    Ok that's pretty... but why are you showing us this outfit as you already told that it´s not really the kind of outfit that we could wear in the street as every men were staring at you? your blog is not about "street style" right?
    Personally I would not wear this outside, could be dangerous !

    1. I was not feeling uncomfortable about wearing it and definetly not unsafe. It was midday and my boyfriend was with me and I was wearing a blazer over it. I don't care if other people are looking at me, because I like what I wear. I would love to give you all the braveness to also wear what you like without caring about others ;) but if you would like to see more casual looks I'm definetly trying to work at showing you some :)

  7. Gorgeous look, love it


  8. I love the crop top and skirt combo I could picture myself wearing something similar to this as well you look really nice
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