ABOVE: This gorgoeus nude colored sandals from Mango are absolutely comfortable and perfect for longer walks with the small heels. Plus they fit super good to my summer wardrobe!

 ABOVE: I already bought the leather shorts by Zara some weeks ago and was wearing them non stop since then. Was even sad to take them off for sleeping in the first week. You can combine them to everything and it's a joy to wear them! This flamingo pullover was just seen, tried, loved, bought!

 ABOVE: On this shopping trip we were looking for a bag for my best friend and I really didn't want to spent any more. We both ended up buying two exactly same bags! But look at these lovely patent mint and pastell rose creatures! 

 ABOVE: I actually use wet wipes for taking my lipstick off when I'd like to change the colour. Quiet crazy I know. So they are perfect to take with you. These two summer lipsticks "Vegas Volt" and " Snob" are my favourite colours. And the earrings are adorable and are great to combine with my elegant looks.

 ABOVE: I can't wait to wear this look! The cropped top trend together with a high waisted skirt from H&M is my new crush.

 ABOVE: You have seen these babes before but I couldn't avoid making a photo of this shoe twins again. Found at winter Sale of Zara.

 ABOVE: The pastell lavender dots on this light blouse are having the right summer colour and this great glasses from Six are about to go with it. Imagine to combine them with a soft creme pleated midi skirt (already ordered at Asos...crazy shopping addict!)

 ABOVE: I got this amazing light blazer with this leo shawl thanks to queenswardrobe.com and still waiting for the perfect sunny day to wear it.

 ABOVE: This summer is all about colours and I couldn't avoid buying some pants full of multicoloured flowers at H&M

 ABOVE: I need to admit that I'm not wearing perfume very much in the normal day, because I'm having this thought of wasting it if there is nothing special going on. So this body spray is a nice alternative for spraying on your clothes and hair and having a nice fresh and sweet summer smell. Maybe you have seen this earrings on my Instagram account and I already enthuse very much about them over there.

 ABOVE: Love the colour and shape of these pumps! Already liked them for my winter looks. Let's see  how they will be presented in summer.

 ABOVE: This is also a new outfit crush. The jeans from H&M are so easy to combine with nearly everything and I like that it's ending over my ankle. And I never expected to find these beige vest at H&M and when I was trying both at the same time, it had to come with me.

 ABOVE: In the last time my earring collection was growing very fast and I seriously like to wear them after some years of wearing nearly no earrings. I'm not a fan of long ones, but the creme gold ones were just perfect to combine to the outfit in the picture before.

ABOVE: I was always crazy about the colour electric blue, so this bag was the right summer pick with a great size to take everything I need with me.

As I promised in my last post here are my latest shopping obsessions. Most of them are bought at cheap brands like H&M, Zara and Mango, which are my alltime shopping favourites. You just have to look after the "right" and "stylish" pieces, so you can also build great looks with less money. Since I'm a student and live alone I can not afford luxurios brands, which not means I can't wear gorgeous clothes. Of course I'm also dreaming of designer bags and shoes, but I'm waiting until I'm going to earn my own money after finishing my university studies.

So I think I'm totally prepared for summer and it already showed up in the last days in Germany, which was such a release. I'm looking forward to shoot outfit pictures with these essentials and also just to wear light clothes and not this heavy winter jackets anymore.

Photos by me 


  1. wow it all looks fabulous !!! great great purchases :)


  2. I love the pastel bags and the zara heels so much!
    Such a great haul!