JACKET&SHOES: Zara, DRESS: Queens Wardrobe, BAG: old, NECKLACE: Bijou Brigitte

I got this amazing pink dress with ruffles thanks to Queens Wardrobe and wanted to wear it so much. But during this really horrible winter weather it's not that easy to find the right time. So I waited for some days, but after there was no improvement I was standing in the middle of an ice storm on Sunday morning. As you can see on my face on some pictures it was not that comfortable but I really tried to relax my face and always positive Jan even tried to make me laugh. So I'm really attempting everything so that I can show you outfit posts on the MUV in German winter.

Maybe you noticed that I was at the hairdresser and made a little change. Actually it was a huge change, because it was cut about 15 cm! I didn't make it darker, if you thought that, it's just the dark light of the day and the light blonde part of the hair was cut. Anyway, I really feel much lighter and better with this cut, because it was just too much hair at the end. What do you think? Maybe I can make better photos the next time when I'm not in the middle of an ice storm. 

Photos by Jan G.


  1. I love your pics no matter what:)))


  2. Amazing outfit! Really love how the photos look black and white and the dress just stands out so much! You look amazing :)


  3. Awesome print! and I really like its combination with pink color ;)

    xoxo Iren
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    Living In A Kitten's World

  4. My first thought was also that your hair was darker but then not ;)
    I love the dress, your hairchange and it all looks great together!

  5. Loving this outfit, so chic and classy!

    xoxo, Diana
    The Neon Factor ☠

  6. wow, you poor thing! I know how annoying/frustrating it is to WANT to do a photoshoot but the weather is so sucky that you just can't do it :( But you guys did an awesome job! + I LOVE the new haircut, I think it gives you so much edge :)