What a great feeling: finally I have an internet connection in my new flat and don't have to use others! Love to sit in my bed room and writing a new post. Actually I really like to use my laptop while lying in my bed, because it's so comfortable. Surprisingly it's also great to be in university again. I always recognize again that I'm quite lazy sometimes, but I don't really like it and it's not the best for my mood. So I'm happy to have my task again and motivated to be active.

Jan and I have made this pictures back in the holidays. It's one of my elegant winter dresses and it always reminds me on this dress of Blair Waldorf. Never forget to add some red lipstick, because it looks fantastic with this kind of dresses. My new bag from Hallhuber, which is actually always with me since Christmas, is also perfect with it. I don't really know in which countries you can find the shop Hallhuber, but if you're in Germany you have to go there! It's great quality and they have absolutely breathless designs. I'm always facsinated when I go there!

Today I was at my new model agency. Maybe some of you know that I was modelling for some time, but doesn't tracked it anymore because of university. Now I have the desire to start a little bit again and hopefully haven't got rusty. Are you interested to see some of my photos, so I could do a post with all of them?

 Photos by Jan G.

DRESS: Mango
BAG: Hallhuber
SHOES: Tamaris


  1. What an elegant outfit! I'm out of my heard over that dress o:

    You are such a beauty and I think you'd be great modelling - we do already see your poses here and you do always look stunning.

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