As I told you, I have so many outfits left to show you. This is also a celebrating outfit, but it's perfect for winter, because of the knit. On the other side I was freezing so much outside, so better do your winter parties inside a warm house. For occasions like this, I can recomment you to wear this look for Christmas parties or New Year's Eve and so on. You can buy the knit at the Sales in H&M, where I discovered it during presents shopping. Ideal to give yourself a little Christmas present. Everywhere is Sale right now and I'm seduced to make some shopping, but you know there's no money left after all the Christmas presents. But I love to make gifts and I was happy to give many presents this year, so it's ok to step back and make your beloved ones a pleasure.

Tomorrow Jan and I are going to leave for Hamburg. After all the family events we want to have some time just for us two in my new flat. Strolling through Hamburg, having a cake in a little cafĂ© and of course make a lot of new pictures. I'm allready having the end of the holidays in my mind and I wish it will never come. Enjoy your days the most you can!   

 Photos by Jan G.

CLUTCH: Hallhuber (borrowed by my sister)


  1. blue with gold - always a good combo ♥♥
    kisses and wishing you happy New year from


  2. I really love the combination in this outfit and the blue color. I consider buying the blue T-shirt after seeing it on your blog. I wish you a happy new year and I'm looking forward to more post from you in 2012. Have a fantastic night, dear (: