Warm Pullovers in all colours and shapes (this ones: Mango, H&M)

For Autumn you necessary need a few of essentials, which not only keeps you warm and safe, but also fashionable. When I was home at my parents house while I was having vacation, I thought it was a good idea to shoot some of my Must-haves in an Autumn like location. Since the forrest is nearby, I decided to walk our cute little dog Mia, packed with all of this things and my camera. She really hated it to wait for me, but for luck this day was nice and sunny. I hope nobody have seen me draping clothes over trees or on the forrest floor, because surely it looked kind of strange. It was nice to photograph and try some different angles by myself, because normally it's Jan's job. I'm sure there are much more things needed and you can add your own ideas in the comment box below please. Excuse the fuzzy black blazer, I can tell you pullovers and blazers in one bag are not a good idea. All of the things are new and you can buy them in the shops, but the fur vest and emerald green pullover are from last year.
So don't wait to go Autumn shopping!

 Fur vests, gorgeous to wear with wool pullovers (this one: Zara)

The perfect black Ankle boots goes with everything (this ones: H&M)

Autumn outfit, Autumn colours (this ones: Mango)

Red lipstick for elegant looks or the special add-on (this one: Chanel)

An elegant dress for special events (this one: Zara)


  1. I looove the white sweater :D
    I think the most important thing for fall/winter is warm leggins so that you still can wear dresses and skirts (:

  2. I love the sweaters in the first pic... Im from Caribbean and summer is everyday but I enjoy the fashion in this season.. Is so elegant and gorgeous!

    Great Pics!!

    Karina Ibelis

  3. Those are amazing picks! I love the fur vest.


  4. Beautiful pictures!! I love the vest!!!

    ♥ xoxo,diana

  5. love the one from mango :)
    great piece, goes with everything ♥