As I mentioned several times on the blog I really do like bold and electric colours. I think electric blue is the perfect combination colour for gold sequins. Actually I just wanted to build an outfit which is full of joy and energy - a look for a powerful and selfconfident woman. And I think I wanted to avoid allready posting an Autumn look, as well as the only thing I can think about at the moment is the upcoming season. I kind of get a little bit uncreative to build some last summer outfits. So, today I had a really important English interview in university and I was crazy and nervous and worked the whole last week for it. Many many hours of total crazyness for 20 minutes of an interview, which I fortunately did quite good. It's an amazing feeling to sit in my bed now with a little glass of sparkling wine, writing this article and have everything behind me. Of course I think of party and freetime now, as well as I really do not party a lot. I enjoy much more to sit together with friends in a bar or a Restaurant or having a nice romantic evening with Jan. Never the less it was time for kind of a glamorous party outfit. I picked some intensive colours for it and a golden sequin skirt to shine and give my mood a powerful expression.

What are your plans for the next weeks? I'm going to enjoy more time for myself and relax after university. As well I do have some plans for my next weekends: going home, a weekend city trip and two small fashion shows. Also I really want to put more energy into my blog the next time and I have several ideas that are just waiting for realisation. I can't wait to let this blog grow more and more and at the same time my sense of style and understanding of fashion. My studies and my fashion blog are giving me the feeling that I took the right decisions for my future. Contrary to other people I really want to get older and have more experience and I hope to develop good in every possible way. 



  1. Very, very nice. :)
    Bag - lovely!

  2. Hey,
    mal wieder ein schönes Outfit. ;)
    es hört sich gut an, dass du denkst die richtige Entscheidung getroffen zu haben und dass du Spaß daran hast. Ich denke das ist sehr wichtig.

    Freue mich schon auf deinen nächsten Post


    P.s. Darf ich dich fragen, was mit deinem Pferd passiert ist?

  3. Lovely pictures and outfit!


  4. very very elegant and chic!!!!

    xoxo Iren
    Living In A Kitten's World

  5. I had to look twice at these pictures and then figured out it wasn't actually lifted from a magazine - but that it is acutally you! You look absolutely stunning. Newest follower!

  6. You're right - the blue really does look great against the sequins. You look lovely and your photos are amazing!! Following now!


  7. Good outfit association. I love this combinaison between electric blue and sequins

  8. I love this color blue!