At the moment I'm totally crazy because of university. We're having so many exams and projects that I'm working and learning the whole time. Not to mention that a blog is also hard work. It's not only taking some shots of your outfits and go home to upload them, it's much more. When I started my blog I decided that it shouldn't be something unprofessional. I wanted quality and organisation. I wanted to create something were I'm very proud of and put much effort and passion in. After two years of intensive studying of what makes a good blog, I finally started this for me very important project. Actually I couldn't be happier about my decision even if it's hard to manage blogging and university and my private life. It needs a lot of organisation and I have kind of an editorial calendar in my mind, even if it doesn't work very well all the time. But I'm positive that it just needs time to have some training. Can you believe that I even analyse the pictures after every shoot to see what we can do better. Actually we are totally new in photography. Jan and I didn't have a clue how you need to set the camera. But I wanted this so much and he knew that, so we practised and practised and I don't want to stop learning new features any day. My analysation for this pictures for example are we need to watch the light much more even if we always try to care about the perfect light. On my face there are some shades I don't want to have there. And I seriously need to do something with my hair. They are always just flying around and don't look very pretty. But I need to admit that we are quite good for beginners. I am a little freaky perfectionist.

Back to the outfit: these materials are just gorgeous. The light and silky blouse and the boucle skirt with the studs are made for each other. I like these kind of neutral and pastell outfits some days and the others I like bold colors. When I weared this outfit the other day, I was again such a Lady. When you are wearing different styles you are always automatically playing this role. Actually I feel really bad and down when I'm wearing just anything not pretty to quickly go to the supermarket. Do you know this feeling? 

SHOES: Mango
BAG: Zara


  1. You look stunning! I love your skirt *
    See my blog, Chance to change

  2. Toller Blog. Das viele üben hat sich gelohnt. Die Bilder sind großartig geworden :D


  3. amazing photos! and you are absolutely beautiful!
    thank you for leaving a comment on my site! :))
    your blog reminds me of kristina bazans site (www.kayture.com)

    follow you, babe!


  4. These pictures are amazing! Have you ever thought of becoming a model?
    I know the feeling you're talking about :) This outfit really makes you act like a lady, so different than if you're wearing comfy jeans and a tee!


  5. Hey
    Ja, ich kenn das Gefühl auch und manchmal ist es echt schrecklich...
    Naja, ich finde es toll, dass du so viel schreibst und dann auch noch so schön. Okay, schön ist vielleicht nicht so ein toller Ausdruck. Ich meine damit, dass du schön beschreibst, wie man sich fühlt oder wie der Moment grade ist.

    Um zum Punkt zu kommen: Wie machst du das? Bei mir klappt das einfach nicht so mit dem viel Schreiben? HAst du einen Tipp für mich? Konntest du das von Anfang an?

    LG Malu

  6. nice pictures!!!!
    i love the lady look
    and the place it´s amazing!!!


  7. Thank you so much for your comment :)
    Love your outfit...amazing soft colors,love the shoes!


  8. U are really gorgeous!!!
    Everything in your blog is perfect and I like it!
    Follow you honey;)

    p.s. thanks for your comment dear;)

    xoxo Iren
    Living In A Kitten's World

  9. Very nice outfit! :)


  10. Absolutely gorgeous outfit! The skirt is so cute, tweed is one of our obsessions at the moment!



    1. Thanks dear! I wanted to leave a comment on your blog but it doesn't work because of a password. But there was no field for one. Maybe you need to work that out?

  11. Thank you babes :) your comments made my day!